List of Prohibited Items

This list id a representative exampe of forbidden items, such as explosives that may pose a danger to aircraft, etc. Even items not illustrated may fall under forbidden items.
1.Valuable items(including those containing any of the items listed below)
・items for which the declared value for transportation is thousand US dollars or more per kiilogram or equivalent or equivalent.
・Gold, platiinum and other precious matals and products there of which are defined as valuables under the rules of the International Air Transport Association(gold or platinum plating(Excluding products)) 
・Banknotes, coins, securities, checks for travelers, stamps, bank cards in a usable state or credit cards
・diamonds (including industrial diamonds), rubies, emeralds, sapphires, opals, pearis (Including cultured pearls) and jewelry made of these
・Jewelry mad of gold, silver or platinum
2.Important personal or company documents
3.Raw animals
4.Bodies or remains
5.Alteration and perishable items
6.Dangerous goods
Dangerous goods specified by the international Air Transport Association's dangerous goods regulations and which fall under following classification.
・Gases(high-pressure gas, liquefied gas, dissolved gas, deep free gas)
・Flammable liquid
・Flammable slids, pyrophoric substances, substances that generate flammable gases by contact with water
・Oxidizing substances, Organic peroxides
・Poisonous substances
・Substances liable to transger poisonous substances
・Corrosive substances
・Other harmful substances (Magnetic substances, narcotic substances, toxic substances, liquids or solids having similar properties are given to passengers or flight crews Substance that give extreme discomfort)
7.Cargo prohibited by laws or regulations of the country of departure, arrival country, transit country or transit country for transportation or imiport / export
8.Others that the company deems inappropriate
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