1. Foreign Express Delivery(B2C,B2B)


a. Southeast Asia major countries

Provede speedy and affordable service with eFEx's unique route.

b. Other countries/regions

Express services of other companies can be used at tares.

2.Fulfillment, 3PL(EC logistics service)

  • ful01Manage Order
  • ful01Product Arrival
  • ful01Inventory Control
  • ful01Picking
  • ful01Packing
  • ful01Generate Waybill
  • ful01Dispatch Shipment
  • ful01Track Delivery
Fulfillment involves the entire EC process from managing online order requests to ensuring products arrive at customer’s hand


With eFEx logistics support, you can focus on growing your
business to create real results.

3. Delivery agency


※Member registration is required separately.

4.Purchasing agency

If it is difficult to register membership on other Japanese online malls, please use our Orosii Purchasing
Agency. This online agency provides English translation, to help global customers shop on Japanese EC
malls with ease. The orders will be shipped to customers with eFEx.

※Member registration is required separately.

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