Shipping Rates

Shipping/delivery compatible country

Weight(KG) KRKorea MYMalaysia SGSingapore IDIndonesia THTailand USUS PHPhillippines HKHong kong TWTaiwan VNVietnam CNChina MOMacao
≤0.500750円860円930円1070円 - 1880円 - 1500円1020円 - 870円1570円
≤1.000810円1030円1080円1750円 - 2730円 - 1680円1140円 - 1060円1750円
≤1.500910円1320円1200円2460円 - 3640円 - 1780円1260円 - 1310円1860円
≤2.0001000円1510円1300円3160円 - 4560円 - 1950円1430円 - 1430円2040円
≤2.5001080円1800円1410円3860円 - 5440円 - 2120円1560円 - 1620円2210円
≤3.0001180円1980円1510円4570円 - 6690円 - 2150円1750円 - 1810円2250円
≤3.5001270円2260円1690円5270円 - 7950円 - 2170円1870円 - 2000円2290円
≤4.0001310円2450円1790円5980円 - 9210円 - 2200円2000円 - 2180円2320円
≤4.5001460円2730円1960円6680円 - 10460円 - 2330円2120円 - 2370円2460円
≤5.0001560円2920円2060円7380円 - 11720円 - 2470円2250円 - 2560円2610円
≤5.5001660円3210円2360円 - - 12010円 - 2570円2810円 - 2750円2710円
≤6.0001750円3400円2460円 - - 12300円 - 2680円2920円 - 5310円2820円
≤6.5001850円3670円2720円 - - 12590円 - 2780円3030円 - 5560円2930円
≤7.0001930円3870円2820円 - - 12880円 - 2880円3150円 - 5810円3040円
≤7.5002030円4150円3100円 - - 13180円 - 2990円3260円 - 6060円3150円
≤8.0002120円4330円3200円 - - 13470円 - 3090円3370円 - 6310円3260円
≤8.5002220円4620円3440円 - - 13760円 - 3190円3480円 - 6560円3370円
≤9.0002310円4810円3540円 - - 14050円 - 3300円3600円 - 6810円3480円
≤9.5002410円5080円3770円 - - 14340円 - 3400円3710円 - 7060円3580円
≤10.0002560円5280円3870円 - - 14630円 - 3500円3820円 - 7310円3690円
▶Apply weight after packing
▶For prices over 10KG,please contact us
▶The above price list applies to B2 delivery.For B2B delivery,please contact us.
▶If the volume weght of the cargo exceeds the actual weght,calculate it as the volume(maximum length× maxumum width × maximum height(cm)÷)
6000).Fractions are rounded up.

service by country of delivery

Shipping country KRKorea MYMalaysia SGSingapore IDIndonesia THThailand USUS PHPhillippines HKHong Kong TWTaiwan VNVietnam CNChina
Delivery period 3 to 7 days(※1)
Tax exemption limit 〜USD 150 〜MYR 500 〜SGD 400 〜USD 100 〜THB 1,500 〜USD 800 〜USD 200 Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately ×
Delivery conditions DDU(trariff cash on delivery)
Tax rate(1piece) Customs duties,consumption tax(about 20%) Customs duties,consumption tax(about 6%) Customs duties,consumption tax(about 7%) Customs duties,consumption tax(about 30%) Customs duties,consumption tax(about 25%) Customs duties,consumption tax Customs duties,consumption tax(about 12%) Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately
Accessble item Commondity products
Contact restricted item Firesrms,weapons,animals,transit,anesthetics,Flammable,perfumes,spray cosmetics,etc. Electric、electronic products,mobile phones,communication equipment SIRIM permit required at customs clearance,battery,perfume/ religious books,batteries/perfume Guns,bullets,fireworks supplies,air hazardous materials,batteries/perfume Electric、electronic products,communication equipment such as mobiles,medical equipment. Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately Contact us separately
Pick up service basical it is necessary to bring it to the eFEx warehouse(a large number of customers consult us separately)
▶Customs duty・The consumption tax is added when the duty limit is exceeded.
▶Based on the policies and policies of each country,the duty-free limit is subject to change without notice.
(*1) based on the number of days of business days calculated from the time of cargo transfer to eFEx.
Deppending on sonditions such as customs clearance and weather,it may take longer than usual.
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